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The power industry as an infrastructural and key industry plays an important role in economic and welfare development of societies. The importance of electricity is in that it can be selected as the suitable energy due to use of more modern technologies and consideration of environmental requirements in all areas of activity. Aiming at advancement of the goals of Iran, growth of the stock symbol and support of senior and minority shareholders, Ghadir Investment Company as the parent company established Ghadir Energy Investment Company on September 27, 2011 under No. 414830 in Tehran Department for Registration of Deeds and Industrial Ownership with the initial capital of 100 billion Rials by entering the power industry and investing in purchase and construction of combined cycle power plants. The Company’s capital has now increased to 2.750 billion Rials.   



By relying on God’s auspices, this great success was achieved that we could move on the path of the stratigic plans while considering the economic conditions of the world and Iran and we realized the following situations in the large scale:

- Determination of the strategic sollutions for the holding company on the basis of the shareholders’ policy;

- Use of the executive potentials for execution of the energy projects and production of desalinators;

- Development and activity in relation to the water sector including desalinators, water supply and sewage treatment.

- Use of local and foreign financial resources for execution of the projects.


In line with the vision of Ghadir Energy Investment Company in relation to holding ten percent of the energy generation in Iran until 2025, we have taken large steps in the power and energy industry. At present, 1360 MW of power in Iran is supplied by this holding company with the support of Ghadir Investment Company and about another 2500 MW of power will be realized by completion of the ongoing projects.


We hope that the new fiscal year is full of increasing achievements and abundance for Ghadir family by creating agility, seizing the opportunities and adopting proper strategies through the prepared plan, support of Ghadir Investment Company and taking advantage of the capabilities of the Holding Company’s human capital.


In the new fiscal year, the Board of Director insures to render utmost efforts towards maximum realization of the business’s interests within the scope of the notified policies and resistance economy. This important goal is not possible, unless by relying on God’s auspices and benefitting from the constant efforts of all colleagues in Ghadir Group.


We pray to God for the gramdeur of the Islamic Iran and dignity and welfare of the Iranian nation.



Ghadir Energy Investment Holding Company was established with the mission of investment in the field of power and energy in the area of purchase and construction of power plants in Iran and also export of energy to the neighboring countries so that its active participation in the area of energy generation plays an effective and constructive role in improvement and rehabilitation of the national grid.


I am proud for having the honor of collaborating with this group after many years of activity in the power and water industry. I believe that by relying on God’s auspices, being inpired by the Supreme Leader’s guidelines in the year of “Government & Nation: Unity & Consensus” and support of the shareholders, benefitting from the young and knowledgeable managers and personnel and through rendering constant efforts and observing all values of the Islamic faith, we have rendered our utmost efforts and by increase of efficiency and taking advantage of the state-of-the-art technology which is at the level of world standards and is compatible with the environment, we have constructed power plants in order to develop the Iranian power industry while playing an effective role in social welfare and power exchange with other countries of the region and considering self-sufficiency and development of renewable energies in line with reduction of use of fossil fuels. 

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